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Query: It’s a Christmas Miracle Whip

miracle whipWe all have our own weird Christmas food traditions. Mine is cream soda, a vile fizzy drink that makes me nauseous any other day of the year but somehow seems like honey from heaven on Christmas day. And we all heartily consume Christmas pudding, a stodgy and sticky and plodding lump of a dessert that would be a slap in the face if served outside the festive season, but bewitches us with deliciousness during it.

My sister has a Christmas craving for Miracle Whip. Remember Miracle Whip? Made by food giant Kraft, it’s kind of like mayonnaise in consistency and contains almost identical ingredients, but it is much sweeter and tastes a bit like salad cream (bleurgh). My dad, who puts a lot of effort into making Christmas perfect, is desperately trying to get his hands on this Kraft product so my sister can have it with her smoked salmon starter. He’s tried all the local supermarkets, to no avail, and now he’s even considering buying it from Amazon (who knew that Amazon sells third-rate salad cream?), but this is an expensive option.

It seems Irish supermarkets have stopped selling it. Has anyone seen Miracle Whip anywhere? And what peculiar foods and drinks do you associate with Christmas?


  1. Fallon & Byrne in Dublin have a shelf of American imports, they might have it.

  2. Thanks for the link Michelle! Pete, also sell it which may make it a bit cheaper than paying for shipping from Also, forgot to say: GROSS!

  3. Peter If memory serves me correct that was the only decent mayo to be got in lanzarote in September! My sister is over there at the mo have just texted her to check and if it is il get her to bring home a jar 🙂 will keep u posted!!

  4. Candy Lab beside the Central Bank have it! I love it, reminds me of sambos at school.

  5. No worries, thanks a million for trying anyway Nicola, very nice of you 🙂