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Marks and Spencer

M&S Dine in for Two, 9-14 January 2014

Isn’t it a bit tragic that the time of year when you’re supposed to be healthy and abstemious is also the time when you most need comfort food?  I’m coping through a mixture of ‘healthy comfort food recipes’ and ‘denial’.

The first M&S Dine in for Two of the New Year is on this weekend, and it can help with either of those approaches.  The menu has a whole cooked chicken which you could use in salads; it also a haddock gratin which you could pair with garlic mushrooms for a creamy, cheesey, garlicky, ‘feck off January’ meal.

As ever, it costs €13.50 It apparently now costs €14, runs for six days and the menu is available on the M&S website.


  1. Done and done! That’s dinner sorted. Feck off January indeed.

  2. its actually gone up to €14 presumably due to the wine duty increase.

  3. Liam you’re killing me. This is the worst news ever. I suppose we should be grateful they waited until the new year to increase the price.

  4. Thanks for the info Liam, we’ve updated the post to show the new price.