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Best Coeliac-Friendly Restaurants in Dublin?

Twitterer Vertical Challenger just posed a question to us on Twitter – can we name some good coeliac-friendly restaurants in Dublin? She wants to bring a friend out for a celebratory dinner so we can safely assume it should be somewhere a little fancy and not a burrito in a bowl (delicious as they are).

Gluten-free is not my area of expertise, but Asian restaurants are usually good for wheatless options, so I would check out Saba and KohThe Rustic Stone has an extremely varied menu that caters for many different kinds of food intolerances and specialist diets.  I haven’t tried Manifesto pizza in Rathmines but have heard great things, and it’s apparently 100% coeliac friendly.  There’s also more tips on the website Dublin Gluten Free.

What do you think? Where would you go for a good gluten-free meal?



  1. Milano’s have great options, i know they are a chain etc but when all else fails they are brilliant!!!Rustic Stone really are excellent, maybe The Vintage Kitchen too! i think maybe sending the restaurant an email beforehand is good too! My sister and i would often do that for “non dairy” options and places are usually really good it also gives them a day or two to order in if needs be!

  2. I find invaluable for this, you can also review with your own experience.

  3. Pinxtos in Temple Bar & The Port House have a great selection of coeliac friendly dishes. Their menu is very clearly labelled too.