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Best restaurants for a very mixed group booking?

A pal of ours was in touch, looking for a Dublin city centre restaurant that will fit a particularly challenging set of criteria:

  1. Will take a large group of around 12 people
  2. Has some kid-friendly options on the menu
  3. Is a bit fun and informal
  4. Easy right? Oh hang on!

  5. Will cater for vegans

Yikes! Any tips?




  1. Oh that would be quite hard to find. I heard that Govinda’s serves vegetarian and vegan options but I am not sure if they would cater for the little ones.

  2. Sseduced in Temple Bar (giving the vegan priority and everyone else an experience); Ely any of them (the vegan is left with soup and salad, but everyone else is happy); Milano anywhere for pizza (the vegan can find something and the kids will be happy – add fun by getting a pizza making demo for the gig – there’s no egg in pizza dough!).

  3. Yamamori Noodles is vegan friendly and definitely fits the other criteria.

  4. Hi
    19 Glasthule Rd, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin
    (01) 230 0600
    I think be perfect , had lovely group area , lots of vegan options including a tali plus great kids menu healthy kids food too

  5. Hop House/Kim Chi on East Parnell Street has a great kid’s menu including real Korean food and a very good selection of vegetarian dishes that should be vegan. It is happy to take very large groups.

  6. I’m not sure on the vegan requirement (may need a bit more checking) but places I have found good for big groups in city centre (and would be child friendly) are:
    Pygmalion (in middle of Powerscourt centre)
    Eden Bar & Grill
    Milanos on Dawson St

  7. Hey, I think Jerusalem on Wexford st would be good.