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Monday 9 August, 2010
by peter
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A world without money

Earlier this summer, I wrote about freeganism, where people salvage perfectly good food from being sent to landfill. It’s usually a sandwich or a carrot that was on the shelves just moments earlier, but was then deemed unfit for sale. … Continue reading

Wednesday 5 May, 2010
by rercy
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Grow Your Own – Stage Two

If you have been planning a vegetable patch and cultivating plants over the last month or so, then you’ll be at stage two now. I’m really thrilled with the results considering I was trapped abroad for two weeks but a … Continue reading

Tuesday 20 April, 2010
by jacqueline
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Grandma knew best…

Note that it is international Grandmother’s Day on April 25th, and for the second year running Slow Food Ireland will be celebrating in earnest. How? By celebrating those precious skills that might otherwise be lost: think, baking cakes, sewing seeds … Continue reading