Tuesday 29 July, 2014
by peter

A foodie’s guide to Kerry

kerry foodHeading to the Kingdom this summer? Eva Schmid of Kerry’s Ard na Sidhe hotel has put together this really delightful and useful infographic on Kerry’s food festivals, cafes and tea rooms, cooking courses, farmers markets and food stores.

The Kenmare Food Carnival has been and gone, but there’s plenty more places left to visit, including the family-friendly Taste of Killorglin in early September.



Thursday 19 June, 2014
by peter

Summer of Flavour at M&S

M&S spiced lamb firebread

M&S spiced lamb firebread

I wandered into the void of deliciousness that is M&S last week to pick up a Father’s day voucher. It’s not the cheapest: it’s just never ever going to compete with Aldi on price, and it’s possibly not where most readers of CheapEats are doing the full weekly shop. I’m certainly not. But right now there’s some very good summer deals and lovely treats in there which are forming part of my regular shop.

I’m a bit of a fiend for the three for €8.50 ready meal deals and have a slight addiction to their spinach and ricotta cannelloni (it’s low calorie!), but I think less than €2.85 for a portion of very tasty dinner is not too shabby.

I also picked up two big punnets of strawberries for a fiver, and there’s lots of other good deals as part of their “Summer of Flavour”. Cherries were half-price and were so juicy and sweet. And I got a free bottle of wine with four picnic items, including a “Mediterranean Tart”, a spiced lamb firebread (pictured), a big tub of olives, and a whackload of delicious antipasti, for just under €17.

The “Summer of Flavour” also includes regular deals on BBQ meats and such unexpected delights as chocolate coated wasabi peas and jelly sweets with a hint of chilli.

Monday 16 June, 2014
by peter

10% off for #BloomsdayatBison

Sides at Bison

Sides at Bison

It’s Bloomsday. Back on June 16, 2014, Leopold Bloom stepped into the office of Mr Roger Greene on number 11 Wellington Quay. It’s now better known as Bison Bar, and it’s one of my favourite spots for cheap eats around Dublin.

Anyone who goes to the bar and requests an appointment with Mr. Greene will get a 10 per cent discount on their food today. They’ve also created a new cocktail, the Roger Greene, crammed with Wild Turkey 81, Malibu Rum, elderflower, cranberry,  and a squeeze of lime. And there are prizes up for grabs for anyone tweeting a picture of their #BloomsdayatBison.

Hat-tip: JH Esq.

Wednesday 7 May, 2014
by jean

New Dublin Lunch Service: The Lunch Relief Project

Fans of lunch pickup services like Killer Sandwich and Lovin Box may be interested to hear about this new lunch service from Leaves Catering, which is extremely keenly priced and also benefits good causes.


Leaves Catering are already doing lunches out of Block T in Smithfield, and are now offering a weekly pick up lunch – artisan sandwiches and salads – at different charity shops in Dublin. 10% of the turn-over is donated to the charities; the lunches have a healthy focus and cost only €4.90 per item. Like other lunch pickup projects, it’s all very simple:

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Tuesday 15 April, 2014
by jean

Best restaurants for a very mixed group booking?

A pal of ours was in touch, looking for a Dublin city centre restaurant that will fit a particularly challenging set of criteria:

  1. Will take a large group of around 12 people
  2. Has some kid-friendly options on the menu
  3. Is a bit fun and informal
  4. Easy right? Oh hang on!

  5. Will cater for vegans

Yikes! Any tips?