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CheapEats is a resource for everyone interested in food and value in Ireland, and we invite user submissions and feedback. Send us your recipes, restaurant recommendations, and examples of good and bad value, using the form below. We also encourage you to leave feedback on individual posts.

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Please do NOT mention or imply that a particular restaurant or cafe made you physically sick or gave you food poisoning. We will have to delete such comments as they are potentially libellous.

We don’t like trolling: transparent attempts to inflame controversy by becoming wildly offensive. We particularly dislike when personal attacks or unfounded accusations are launched. While trolling is a subjective concept, the final decision lies with the editors of this site; if we suspect a troll in our midst, we reserve the right to remove your comments and, in extreme cases, ban you from this site. Don’t feed the trolls.

We welcome constructive criticism but will delete any offensive personal attacks.

We will also delete any comments that are racist, libellous, offensive or egregiously off-topic. If you’re in any doubt about our comments policy, it’s the same as this one, word for word.  NB: removing posts is not ‘censorship’. Censorship is when the government removes your right to free speech; we are not the government and your right to free speech is intact.  You can start your own blog, for example!

We don’t like ‘sock-puppeting‘ and will delete any comments that we suspect of being plugs for businesses.  If you want us to write about a product or business of yours, please read our guidelines and contact us directly.

Please don’t use the comments solely to promote your own website.

If an inaccurate statement about you or your business appears in a post or comment on Cheapeats, please contact us immediately and we will endeavour to correct or remove it as quickly as possible.

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