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The Real Bargain Checker: Lidl

Lidl – already quite cheap – have permanently reduced their prices on a number of products, and have special offers on a few others. These include:Lidl

  • Mackinlay’s Green Blend Tea – permanently reduced from €2.45 to €2.29
  • Egg LasagneS Sheets – permanently reduced from €1.29 to €1.09
  • Cod and Haddock Fillets in Crumb and Batter – on special – reduced from €3.99 to €2.99
  • Viscount Mint 14 pack – on special – reduced from €1.59 to €0.99
  • Olives Pitted/ Stuffed – on special – reduced from €0.99 tp €0.69

I’m going from memory, so I could be wrong, but at least some of these offers were those I mentioned in a post on this site last Monday. In fairness to Lidl, a week is no time at all, so these are legitimately still special offers.

I know I’ve banged this drum before, but I’m curious. How long can an Irish supermarket advertise something as a special offer?

Each month over the next few months, CheapEats will return to the same supermarket every Monday and check if their specials are old news or if they have updated. So next week we’ll be back in Lidl, and again for the following two weeks. February: Tesco

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  1. Whatever about the duration of a special offer, I’m curious as to what constitutes a permanent reduction. Does that mean that they’re never going to change the price, ever? (well, I presume that’s not the case – but, if so, what does permanent mean in this context – is there a defined duration or set of regulations that apply to the definition?)