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NCA price survey results

nca-logoThe Irish Times reports today on the latest NCA price survey results, which show that there is still little or no difference in the pricing of branded goods across the major Irish supermarkets.  It also shows that there’s very little difference in price between Lidl and Aldi, and the gap is closing.  And dismayingly, the prices in the major supermarkets (Dunnes, Tesco, Superquinn) have all increased over the last couple of years, with Tesco showing the greatest increase. Looks like our readers aren’t paranoid after all.

It’s all a bit frustrating really, nothing seems to be improving in the traditional supermarkets.  As Conor Pope says in his Pricewatch blog, why are branded products all priced exactly the same?  And as Value Ireland asks, what’s the point of doing these surveys when absolutely nothing ever seems to change?

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