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Fairtrade Bargains

fairtrade-fortnightThere seems to be a perception out there that Fairtrade food is always much more expensive than it’s non-Fairtrade equivalent, but that hasn’t been my experience.  Fairtrade foods often cost only a nominal amount more, usually in the region of 20c-50c for something like tea or coffee.  And there’s some genuine Fairtrade bargains to be had in a variety of shops, including:

  • Marks & Spencer have a selection of Fairtrade ground coffee, starting from €3 for a 227g bag.
  • Lidl sell bags of Fairtrade organic bananas for €1.49.
  • Divine chocolate bars are available in Super Valu for only €1.39.
  • Tesco sell own-brand organic Fairtrade instant drinking chocolate (my lord, so many adjectives!), for only €4.49 for a 400g jar.
  • Bunches of Fairtrade roses cost €5 in Dunnes.
  • Oxfam Fairtrade Shops sell packs of Quinoa Spaghetti for €2, and a kilo of organic brown basmati rice for €4.35.  80 Fairtrade teabags cost €3.30, which is cheaper than Barry’s or Lyons tea in my local Centra.

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  1. Spaghetti made out of Quinoa? I’m intrigued! And I was only dreaming up a recipe with brown basmati rice last night! Never been to Oxfam for food shopping before. Will drop by soon.