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  1. I LOVE Acapulco. It’s cheap and tasty and filling.

  2. No burritos though! Madness, I say.

  3. I’ve been here and it was absolutely terrible. Possibly one of the worst meals I’ve ever had yet every review I read of the place seems to be okay.

  4. as a huge fan of real Mexican (including chili, burritos etc) I find Acapulco very “weh”, its nice but bland and everything seems watered down and a bit safe,-diluted for the irish market
    They don’t use real corn flour tortillas either and I wish for god sake they’d learn to wrap the tortillas they do use properly. Their nachos are a bit “old el paso” and look like they’ve just been unwrapped from that yellow cardboard packaging….
    I haven’t found the dinner menu cheap either. I totally gree with Jean on the Garish interior, it could do with re-decorating with perhaps a mexican “Dia de los muertos” theme….which would bring the place bit more up to date
    And they’ve got to start doing shredded steak burritos!

  5. I’m with CeeGee here, Acupulco is godawful. seriously, terrible terrible food, the fact that they can get away with calling it mexican says more about the Irish public’s lack of knowledge of Mexican food than the contend of their dishes.

    Plus, when i went there the service was appalling. surly and so so so slow. we waited 45 minutes for out starters, and then had to wait another 45 minutes for out mains. which were cold. and it wasn’t busy at all.

    we should have walked out without paying.

  6. Its no Burritos and Blues!! I hear that it is opening soon on Wexford Street? Anyone know anything about this?

  7. I’ve only been to Acupulco once last year and I have to say the food was lovely as were the staff. I’ve since recommended it to some friends and they all loved it to.

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  9. Eh, that review’s by Jean.

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  11. Don’t believe the hype – this place is completely overrated in any positive revciew I have come across. A group of seven of us ate here and thought it was over-priced for the bland mush served (El Paso dinner kit tastier) the added fact of the staff were too cool to be serving mere mortals led all 7 of us that ate there to unanimous conclusion that we won’t be returning!