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  1. I ate in Chuan several months ago and thought that it was some of the blandest, gloopiest chinese I’ve had in recent times. The restaurant that had been there before had been much more authentic. (

    Maybe things have changed since I visited – but to be honest, I’m not in any hurry back.

  2. It’s M and L on Cathedral St that you want to be visiting.

  3. Try the Jade Chinese restaurant, just off Capel st, their kung po is lovely & so are their special dishes. They have a bridgestone award. Eat here all the time & definitely recommend it.

  4. I have been eating in this place about 3 years now. I have tried loads of other chinese restaurant’s around the city from cheap to expensive but this place always draws me back . The food is fantastic, the staff are very friendly and the price is right. Its not that i go out ever weekend here but you will be very happy with food and customer service 🙂

  5. Chuan is a great place for hotpot, sea bass, crab. It very popular with Chinese people which is a good sign.