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  1. I really like Sufi’s. It’s reliable and quite cheap. And surprisingly there is always a free table (even on those December Saturday evenings!).

    The last time I went, however, the place looked quite deserted… I would like them to stay in business, so I am happy that you are spreading the word!

  2. That’s weird that they hung up on you.
    I’ve brought people there before and we always got well-looked after.

  3. Oh I love huge glasses of wine. Will defi check out Sufi’s.

    On an unrelated note, Cafe Boulevard is the single worst place I have ever experienced bad customer service in Dublin. Left waiting over 30 mins for a chicken salad, ignored by the staff, eventually got the waiter’s attention, was treated disgracefully (he ignored me and turned to my male companion even though I was the one who ordered food/called him over), left waiting another 15 minutes, still no food, ignored again. Decided to leave, complained at the deskon the way out, was laughed at and patronised. Never, ever going back there.