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Tis the season to be smelly

I'll just have these and head home!

I'll just have these and head home!

The older I get, the more debilitating hangovers get. They can be outrageously painful and quite often I become really stupid; I have been known to walk into walls, even run into them.

What’s worse is during Christmas I usually meet up with people I haven’t seen in ages and instead of being witty and attractive: I’m just a big stupid lump who reeks of booze.

This year I’m approaching the season well prepared and covering all bases. Here is my check list of hangover preventatives and cures.

  • Milk thistle – this is a great liver cleanser. If you take a couple of tablets before you go out for drinks then your hangover will be reduced. This natural remedy boosts liver function and in turn processes alcohol while you are drinking.
  • Vitamin B-complex – this is a must if you want to stave off a hangover; just take a couple of tablets before bed, along with plenty of water.
  • The 3am kebab –  I know it’s truly horrible waking-up with a belly full of the previous nights takeaway splurge but food increases metabolism, activates alcohol absorption, and increases the speed with which the body processes alcohol, food is your friend on nights out.
  • Sleep – You’ve been bold and haven’t done any of the above so sleep is the best option. Nothing makes the pain go away faster than precious sleep but this luxury is not always available so a power nap will sometimes work wonders.
  • Hair of the dog – No time for even a nap? Then you can always down a dirty pint of cider. Be warned however; this option will most likely lead to more pints and the circle of shame begins.
  • Your main friend when it come to fighting a hangover is of course – water. For each alcoholic drink; have a glass of water, easier said than done I know. If you forget, then have a pint of water before bed and if you don’t manage this, then in the morning drink water with lemon. The body wants to be slightly more alkalinised than acidic and during Christmas, we become more acidic from eating more meat, complex carbohydrates, sugar, caffeine and of course alcohol. Drinking water with lemon alkalinises the body and will help cleanse your system.
  • Drink less.

Do you have any hangover cures? I’d love to know.


  1. Word of warning on milk thistle; it can make you feel bulletproof! If you take it regularly it can kind of reduce the effects of alcohol and make you think you’re fine.

    For the moring after, I can highly recommend a Christmas Berry from Quiznos.

  2. What’s in the Christmas berry?

  3. Alka Selzer for the morning after.

    While making sure you don’t drink on an empty stomach is good advice, the safe-drinking people say it doesn’t speed up the rate at which you absorb alcohol.

    Where can I get milk-thistle btw?

  4. Christmas berry is turkey, ham, mustard, mayo, stuffing, cheese, salady things, toasted and extra onion for me. All for €3.29.


  5. Hey Liam, to be exact; eating and having food in your stomach will slow down the entrance of alcohol into your bloodstream by preventing it from entering your small intestine which absorbs alcohol faster than the stomach. This is my excuse for late night pizza anyway.

    You can buy Milk Thistle in health food stores.

  6. Just heard an ad on the radio that says that no matter the cure, it takes ages for your body to process the alcohol, so I guess the “drink less” one is the best option (although not easy when you are out with friends until late). I find that eating will definitively help as alcohol on an empty stomach makes me feel dizzy after just one glass. And I drink a pint or two of water just before bed. The next day, bland food like bread and pasta are gentle on the stomach.

  7. Actually, the best cure ever is to have young children…. The thought of having to wake up at 7am and watch Pepa Pig or play rolly polly is enough to make you go teetotal

  8. I really do think that putting in contact lenses (if you wear them!), having a lovely hot shower and a good cup of tea is a great cure for a hangover! I always feel way better after those three things.

    My brother swears by tangle twisters ice pops!!!!

  9. Ice cream does the trick alright..the sugar buzz I’d say.

    Why the contact lenses? I don’t wear them so is there something I should know!!??

  10. im a great believer in the food on the way home and salty breakfast the next day. getting enough sleep is awesome, but failing that regular coffee and sugar will just about see you through. and a prepaid ticket for the bus. (though you’ll priobably have a year’s worth of commuting change after the night before)

  11. Swimming in the Irish Sea definitely cures a hangover. If you don’t have the energy or wherewithal to make it to a swimming spot a cold shower does serious wonders all round. No joke, it’s totally worth it, releases all sorts of lovely seratonin.