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Special buys at Aldi

AldiAs usual, a strange and random set of special buys this Thursday at Aldi, including:

  • Polo shirt – €5.99
  • Cadbury Easter mallows – €1.99
  • Galvanised plant pots – €24.99

Click here to see them all.

I like a lot about this supermarket. Here I go again: the quality of Aldi brands,  in particular the Specially Selected products, is not only better than Lidl. It’s better value than most own-branded and branded foods.

However! Our reader Jens raised a complaint, pointing out that Aldi no longer seem to stock organic fruit and veg, which was a draw. Also, I think they could do with a few more special offers and bargains, like Lidl’s weekly food offers.

Aldi’s  Super6 – a selection of fruit and veg for just 39c-  is still quite appealing, but slightly less attractive since Lidl began weekly fruit and veg offers.

But perhaps Aldi is right to eschew the promotions and focus on keeping prices low. What do you think?


  1. I’ve noticed too the withdrawal of the organic range. I still like their top of the range items, but I’d like to see more appealing offers

  2. Now I may be wrong (I probably am) but do Aldis’ fruit and vegetable offers follow seasonality?

  3. PS I got some of the mangoes on offer in Lidl. They were absolutely vile. Juice free and tasted like bad onions.