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Coupon Clipper

1201127_36694024In today’s pricewatch, Conor Pope tackles the glamorous subject of coupon collecting and finds out the best way to use a loyalty card.

Popular in the US and UK, it would appear that Irish consumers are also getting into coupon clipping with 30 per cent more people using coupons than in 2008.

The Irish Independent Directory and online coupon sites are the most common places to coupon collect and if you are willing to make the effort – the rewards can be substantial.

The Irish Independent Directory, which is delivered to 1.3 million homes across the country every year, has hundreds of euro worth of vouchers on everything from pizzas and burgers to taxis and tyres. Meanwhile, a judicious use of online coupon sites can handily knock €20 off a weekly shopping bill.

Vouchers earned from being a member of a supermarket loyalty scheme are the most popular and if used correctly, can have decent rewards too.

A clever use of loyalty schemes can make vouchers even more worthwhile than their face value would suggest. Under the Tesco scheme, for instance, a €2.50 clubcard voucher will buy you a €10 token for Milano’s restaurant or Apache Pizza. A €4 voucher gets one adult into Dublin Zoo – admission is normally €15. A €10 voucher, meanwhile, can be handily converted into a €40 voucher from Siblu, the camping specialists in France, effectively giving you a 5 per cent discount off a camping holiday in May or June. And €17.50 worth of vouchers will get you a year’s subscription to Hot Press .

Other stores like Boots, Brown Thomas and Ikea also attract shoppers with discount coupons. You can redeem points with the Boots Advantage Card and Ikea offers 25 per cent discounts on its Family range with their card.

Do you use coupons or would you be too embarrassed counting your coupons at the counter?


  1. One thing I really like about Aldi and Lidl is that there is no messing around at the checkout. No coupons, no loyalty cards, nobody trying to grab your bags off you, no asking if you are collecting tokens for computers… The people in front of me are processed very quickly so I get out sooner. That’s worth a lot to me and it’s one reason I avoid the other supermarkets.

  2. That’s a good point. The only thing about Aldi and Lidl and it always catches me out is they never have bank machines and only take cash but you’re right, they are much faster.

  3. Rercy Aldi and Lidl always take cards. I have used coupons since pigsback launched and have no shame about using them.

  4. I find that coupons can save quite a bit off my shopping. I also use loyalty cards, though my hubby anti them, cos he hates shops having a record of all the stuff I’ve purchased

  5. Don’t think Aldi and Lidl take credit cards, only debits…

  6. Yeah, my local Lidl will only take Laser cards, not credit cards.

  7. Sorry, I meant debit not credit cards.