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Special offers at Dunnes

dunnesCurrent specials at Dunnes include:

  • Any 2 for €5: fresh whole Irish chicken (1.1kg, €2.99) fresh Irish minced beef (450g, €2.99), fresh Irish chicken fillets (220g, €2.99), fresh Irish thin sliced sandwich steaks (270g, €2.99)
  • Carex handwash (250ml) – 3 for €3 (€1.69 each)
  • Walker’s crisps 6 pack range – €1 each

Offers valid until Saturday May 15. Click here for details.

These offers aren’t bad, but a whole chicken for €2.99? Sometimes cheap isn’t so cheerful: I’d have cold sweats about the life and times of these birds.


  1. Do not waste your money on the meat offer “2for€5”.
    Chicken is tasteless, never mind the ethical question of what way a bird this cheap was raised. Sandwich steak was not fit for cat food. Spend a few euro at Super Valu for cheap but good quality meat

  2. I’d agree. Much better offers to be had at SuperValu, Superquinn, and even (shudder) Tesco

  3. All of the supermarkets seem to have these offers on just now, where are all these cheap chickens coming from?


    The 3 for whatever (think its usually 14 euro) in M&S is alright value as the chickens are good ones!