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Special offers at Lidl

lidl-super-saturdayFood offers

Current food offers at Lidl include:

  • Garlic (3 pack) – reduced from 99c to 69c
  • O’Kane’s Southern fried chicken drumsticks (770g) – €2.79
  • Chardonnay Colombard 2009 – 6 bottles for €21.96 (reduced from €32.94)

Remember, there’s a new set of food offers every Monday. Click here for details.

Super Saturday’s offers include:

  • Wild salmon steaks (500g) – reduced from €3.99 to €2.99
  • KP Hula Hoops (18 pack) – reduced from €3.99 to €1.99

Click here for all Saturday’s offers.

Special buys

If you’re heading to a festival, you can pick up some camping gear from next Monday. But are their tents reliable, or will you be flooded?

Current specials include bed linen and laundry items. Click here for details.

Next Monday’s specials are focused on stationery. Click here for details.

Also at Lidl

There’s a taste of Italy from next Monday, with good deals on so much more than pizza and pasta:

  • Prosciutto Crudo (1 kg) – €9.99
  • Risotto Carnaroli – €1.99
  • Amaretti Morbidi (250g) – €1.99

Click here for details.

You can also pick up some of Lidl’s very delicious and highly recommended pizzas.

One Comment

  1. They have the risotto again at the moment. I bought the asparagus one and won’t be buying it again. My own fault for not looking at the ingredients list. I opened the pack to be greeted with a puff of powdery dried onion and artificial flavouring. I’ll just stick to plain carnaroli or arborio next time.