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Special offers at Dunnes

dunnes1Ham and cheese sandwich anyone? Some of the special offers at Dunnes this week include:

  • Dairygold spread (454g), Charleville red/white cheese block (200g) and Denny deli style cooked/crumbed ham (100g) – All 3 for €5

There are also 2 for €6 mix and match deals at Dunnes. These include:

  • Dunnes Fresh Irish Mince Beef 580g (€3.99 Each)
  • Dunnes Fresh Irish Thin Sliced Sandwich Steak 360g (€3.99 Each)
  • Dunnes Fresh Irish Pork Chops 4’s/460g (€3.99 Each)
  • Dunnes Irish Back Rashers 500g / Back Bacon Joint 800g (€3.99 Each)
  • Dunnes Choice Salmon Darnes 2’s/220g (€3.99 Each)

Offer expiry dates vary. Click here for details.

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