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Special offers at Tesco

tescoirelandHere’s a random tip for secret snobs, courtesy of a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. The conversation went like this:

“I was just in your toilet. Them’s some hand washes and lotions to spend money on. They smell nice.”

“They’re not fancy. I just pour Tesco Value handwash into an expensive bottle. I’ve been doing it for years. Everyone thinks I’m posh.”

So for those of you who only really buy Molton Brown and L’Occitane handwash because you secretly want to impress your mates – and I know you exist – sure, fool them all with the cheap stuff from Tesco. They’ll never tell.

Tesco also have some bargains and special offers this week, which should be approached with the usual caution:

  • Keeling’s strawberries (300g, €4.99), raspberries/ blackberries (125g, €3.99), blueberries (200g, €3.99) cherry punnet (€4.49) – buy any two for €6
  • Kellogg’s Variety (8 pack) – reduced from €2.65 to €1.50
  • Any 3 selected meats for €10

The offer expiry dates on Tesco’s current offers varies. Some are valid until August 8 while others expire tomorrow, Tuesday July 27. Click here to see the special offer leaflet.


  1. The rest of us have been doing that for years, Money bags. 😀