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Special offers at Dunnes, August 30

dunnes-ad1Offers this week at Dunnes include:

  • Snack pack apples, pears, and oranges (1kg) each – €1
  • Mix and match any 2 selected meats for €6
  • Johnson’s selected baby toiletries – half price

And there’s loads more, on everything from the essentials to the treats. Offers are valid until Saturday September 4 unless otherwise stated.

Click here for details.

Another bargain spotted by my dad: he called in to Dunnes at around 4pm on a Wednesday evening and picked up a tray of stuffed pork loin, potatoes and veggies for just €3, reduced from €10. It had to be eaten the same day, but it fed 3-4 people. You’ll often some great gems in the reduced to clear section of all the supermarkets.

One Comment

  1. I always used the RTC sections in supermarkets, even before the recession. People used to look down on me but now there are queues of customers waiting for the man with his trolley. You get fantastic value on fruits and vegs that are perfectly ok, some are not even ripe yet, but they have a best before date on the package (for fruits and vegs? I don’t know you came up with that one, but it was genius – get people to throw food quicker), desserts, breads and pastries. I shy away from meat and fish because I like it to be as fresh as possible and I never consume meat that’s too close to the use by date (did it once and ended up with food poisoning so never again. May be it was pure coincidence, though). Most things can be frozen if you don’t plan to eat it the same day, and bread will keep for a few days.