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  1. It has always been bad, but now that cash is low people sit up and pay attention to the rubbish they get for their money, be it in food or service.

    I find that, in 8 out of 10 places I go, I’d better off staying at home. I am weary of trying out restaurants I’ve never been before. I want to support the economy, but I think business is business, not charity…

  2. Restaurant staff who get extra pay on a Sunday? No small, to medium sized restaurant I know of give any extra pay for Sunday. If you work in a hotel or chain, yeah, maybe.

  3. Fair play to you Peter, if all this will help to get the standard of Irish customer service back to where it was. I’m finding more and more rude waiters around and that is not good for the restaurant/pub/café, etc. and for Ireland. Low salaries are not a good excuse. Good manners have no price.

  4. I worked in the catering industry before the introduction of minimum wage. I was paid 3 pounds an hour, rent was a minimum of 70 euros weekly, which I couldn’t afford. As a foreigner, I was always sent to clean the “lobby” with the excuse that my English wasn’t good enough to serve customers. I never, ever had a bad feedback on my work. I was always polite, curteous, helpful. I had chosen a job that involved face to face customer service. Some customers were plain rude, others indifferent, most were nice and chatty. Low pay was never an excuse to me for treating someone badly, even the rude ones

  5. i totally agree with nadia above