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  1. Poor Peter I hope your tastebuds have recovered.

    Now I’m not a coffee expert but why do so many establishments run an otherwise excellent dining experience by serving crap coffee.

    P.s. I buy most of my takeaway coffee from McDonalds and have never been disapointed

  2. Belles, I recently got a McDonalds coffee and was very pleasantly surprised. It was lovely!

  3. Yes, weirdly I’ve heard McDonald’s do great coffee.

  4. Oh Peter, its just as well we don’t all have the same tastebuds or have one sided opinions , cos apart from the coffee which has changed considerably from the early days of olive green the menu is to die for the staff a pleasure to meet and the home baked goods a treat for any day of the week , also putting hot and cold foods together is not a health and safety issue , have you never put coleslaw on a burger . This place is only to be recommended whenever I am in the area I plan my trip to include stopping there for lunch. And yes the coffee in Mc Donalds is pretty good !!

  5. The place certainly looks appealing but I ate there once about nine months ago and thought the food was pretty grim and also overpriced for the quality.

  6. This place drives me crazy!! The do good soups but they don’t offer you any bread or a slice of brown bread for 3.95. I had to by a whole bagquet that I dont even like….

  7. I too like the soup at Olive Green, it’s obviously homemade and at 3.95 it’s cheap compared to the stuff in a bucket that O’Brien’s and Cafe Sol sell.
    Personally I don’t want bread with my soup and I’d prefer to have the choice not to have the price include something I don’t want.

  8. “On my first sip, I thought maybe some sour earth had accidentally flown into my mouth” Great description, I’ve sadly had this experience (else where) and can sympathize… we won’t be stopping by this place for a coffee 🙂