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Cheapeats holidays! Returning May 14

Right. I’m off to Japan to sample all the delicious cuisine.

Actually, I’m going on a bit of a world trip, taking in three weeks in Japan, a month in Borneo, a few days in Singapore, a month in Australia, six or so weeks in New Zealand, and ten days in Fiji to cap it all off. I’m looking forward to some solo travelling and visiting friends in these scattered places. Any cheap food recommendations are very welcome.

Meanwhile, Jean and Rebecca, as well a mysterious new writer, will keep posting away here, so you won’t even miss me, you bastards.

However, we’re all going to take a couple of weeks off to recharge our batteries, but we’ll be back here posting away for the summer, from the week beginning May 14.

Thanks to the wonder of WordPress and the mystery of the internet, I’ve already written a number of posts to appear over the next few months, which Jean will post if still relevant. Because of this, it will almost appear as if I’m living happily in Ireland.

But I’m not. I’m far, far away, possibly in a jungle, so I might not respond to comments on my own posts, especially the controversial ones – hey! I leave for my holidays from Tuesday May 1, so I’ll be on holidays.

Still, I’ll post about some of my wilder or more interesting culinary adventures right here. I promise only to write about exciting stuff.

On a personal note, thanks to all our readers and commenters for the support and encouragement you give us. We particularly love when people comment on posts. Thanks to everyone who’s helped me get ready for my big adventure and has/will come to all my copious boozing and long goodbye events of late. I will miss my family and my friends but I think the adventure is worth it. I should be back on the old sod in September. Also, I’ll miss potatoes. That’s it, bye!


  1. Oh you lucky thing. Just read that while in the middle of studying for exams for an evening course!! Have a ball and can’t wait to hear how it went when you get back.

  2. ooh, you’re going to Borneo! Well, I’m not sure which part of Borneo you mean – Sabah or Sarawak, but anyways, I’ll list out the food you should definitely try:

    Sarawak laksa – rice vermicelli in curry and coconut milk (spicy)
    Kolo Mee – Yellow noodles served with shallots, spring onions, and minced pork (not spicy)
    Kompiah – a popular bread-like pastry with minced pork inside (not spicy)

    The street food, and seafood! : )
    Are you climbing Mt. Kinabalu? The park at the foot of the mountain is beautiful! I highly recommend it! 😉

    Have fun!! : )

  3. Thanks a million May! Really useful tips. I’m kicking off in Sabah from Kota Kinabalu and making my way down to Sabah, flying out of Kuching. At the moment, I’m planning on climbing Mt. Kinabalu, though I’m slightly apprehensive: 2am start to climb a mountain in the cold, dark, and rain, followed by a day long descent? I do hear the view at 4095m is worth it though…

  4. Burger Fuel in NZ. Plus a flat white for your coffee from any non-chain cafe. Kumara chips, a homemade steak & cheese pie from a bakery, and local & seasonal fruit. Plus great local wine & beer.

    I’ve never found food to be very cheap in Japan – but its deliciousness-to-cost ratio is very high, so enjoy! The set menus offer pretty good value, and you get loads of different things to try.

  5. Do you have enough space in you bag to fit me in? I only eat very little and will carry your stuff 🙂 Lucky one, enjoy it!!!

  6. Hey Peter, we’re gonna miss you!! Waaah, I’m so jealous. Here are my foodie suggestions for NZ (can’t comment on the other places… yet), Joe’s Garage in Queenstown for the best coffee and brunch ever, Fergburger also in Queenstown, giant most delicious burgers ever. Crayfish from Nins Bin in Kaikoura, drool. Floriditas and Dixon Street Deli in Wellington are both fantastic. If you like blue cheese they make the nicest in the world here, it’s called Kikorangi Blue and you will need to sell a kidney to keep yourself in supply of it but it’s totally worth it!! In Auckland make sure you get to Elliot St Stables, a food hall like nothing you’ve ever seen before, you think climbing a mountain in Borneo’s a challenge? Try picking what to eat at this amazing spot. Have all the fun! x

  7. i am mucho jealous!!!!!!
    Chish N Fips in Coogee Bay in Sydney do yummy…. yes you’ve guessed fish and chips!!! in Darwin down at the harbour there are oddles of food places, order from any of them then go to the bottle shop and purchase your alcohol of choice and pick a seat to watch an amazing sunset!!! the fish there is also amazing as is the crocodile and emu! and + 1 for the kumara chips….my mouth is watering thinking of them!!! Have a great time and i look forward to cheapeats global adventure!!! 🙂

  8. Bring me melon bread from japan! And you’ll have to bring pocky for everyone too, can’t go away and come back to work empty handed…

  9. Grilled salmon and chips in Manley is my recommendation! Also Paddy’s Market and the Fish Market in Sydney. Have tons of fun!