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  1. I make chipotle chicken tacos from them. I make a sauce from Homesick Texan’s blog and reheat the chicken in it, serve it up with some homemade gaucamole and fajita wraps.

  2. a chicken in our home streches to several meals: roasted first, the meat is then used in casseroles, pies, fajitas, etc… My no fail recipe is a simple mix of chicken, sweetcorn and cooked diced carrots, in a white sauce, topped with some mash (I sometimes use leeks or mushrooms in the mix, sometimes add sweet potatoes or parsnips to the mash)
    You can also cube the meat, mix it with some sauteed mushrooms and mascarpone and serve with pasta

  3. I use the remaining meat for sandwich/wrap fillings, then boil up the carcass for stock.

  4. When we do a roast in our house, we roast 2 chickens with extra potatoes, veg and gravy. Days 1 and 2 roast and leftovers. Maybe some sandwiches for lunch. Then an easy pie or pies depending on how greedy we’ve been. Shred the leftover chicken, chop up the veg and mix through the leftover gracy and either freeze as is or top with potato or pastry for a pie. !

  5. Loved it! Yummy!

  6. Loved it..yummy