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Review: The Breakfast Club, London

I’ve written before about the ease of finding cheap eats in London which, despite several months in travel in Japan, Borneo, Australia and New Zealand, is still one of my favourite cities in the world.

A reliable regular in London is The Breakfast Club, which is not really just a breakfast club, as they also serve delicious lunches and dinners.

I went to the Angel branch for a mid-afternoon coffee, while I was waiting for my cousin Pete to finish work. We had dinner plans, but The Breakfast Club’s tempting menu grabbed me by the throat and forced me to order something delicious behind Pete’s back. Well, the secret’s out now, but sure didn’t I eat all my dinner later that night?

I gave in to my baser instincts and ordered the Breakfast Club’s fish finger sandwich. On white bread. With chips. And it confirmed that I should, from now on, always give in to my baser instincts. This was a much better presented and creative take on the fish finger sandwich (£7.70) than usual and, served with salad and coleslaw, it was filling and tasty to boot.

Great chips, lovely coffee, a delicious selection of biscuits and desserts, an all-day breakfast, friendly and helpful staff all add to the allure, as does and a very tempting evening menu featuring pie and mash, fishcakes, chilli bowls, wings, and burgers. I was surprised to discover that this Angel restaurant also has branches in Soho, Spitalfields, Eggquarters, and Hoxton.

It feels very much like a neat little neighbourhood restaurant; I don’t think there’s any place quite like this in Dublin. Turns out the Breakfast Club is very popular. I see why.

Readers, any London recommendations?


  1. I’ve tried to go to the one in Soho for brunch last time I was in London but the queue was so long I gave up! Might try another branch next time!

  2. Yeah did something similar in the one in Spitalfields. Arrived blearily after a heavy night before and massive queue at 12pm. The pile of pancakes on someone’s plate as I looked in the window were gorgeous though!