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Cheap eats in Japan

Everybody knows that Japan is the most expensive place on the planet, right?

Eh, wrong. In today’s Irish Times, I’m busting some of those myths with my list of cheap eats options in this most extraordinary country. Now I can stop boring my friends with my Japanese holiday stories and force them to read about it in the paper instead.

Of course, there was more to Japan than just the food, but I buried those memories under a pile of Japanese food.

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  1. I was on a very tight budget when in Japan and always found it very reasonable to eat. Those noodle bars are everywhere, the price is clearly displayed, the food is somewhat recognisable – either by plastic display or the button on the vending machine. And a good hearty bowl of noodles was so satisfying. I was vegetarian at the time, but ate fish, so it was slightly difficult. I’m pretty sure my noodles tasted so good because of a meat stock but thems are the breaks. I found the food section of department stores to be wonderful mazes of fantastic artistic food. The street food was also delicious, an Osaka speciality was Takoyaki octopus cooked in fried in little balls of pancake batter. Mmmm.