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M&S Dine in for Two is back, at a higher price

Marks and SpencerIt’s about time. Both Jean and I separately contacted M&S to ask when the Dine In deal would be back, as it had been gone for over a month. We were getting withdrawal symptoms.

The deal is back at a new slightly increased price of €13.50.  This increase was almost definitely applied to account for the €1 duty on wine that was applied in the last Budget. The price for the UK version of the deal remains the same at £10.

You get the same items – a main, a side, and dessert plus bottle of wine for two people for €13.50. Full details of what’s available are on the M&S website.

What do you think of the €1 increase? Does it make the deal less attractive for you?  Do you think M&S should have offered cheaper wine and kept the deal price the same? Or do you reckon it’s fair enough?


  1. the wine selection had already been getting cheaper. I’ll still buy it though.

  2. I agree with the comment above – the wine standard is definitely not as good as it was. However, it’s still excellent value at €13.50

  3. I was going to comment on the wine also, puts me off the deal now. Have noticed other price increases in M&S recently.

  4. I don’t think the increase can be directly attributed to the increased duty on wine as the offer also includes non-alcoholic options.

  5. When the offer first started it actually ran for quite a while without a non-alcoholic alternative to the wine. They added it later, I presume due to customers asking. So non-alcoholic drinks were an add-on rather than part of the original deal. I would guess that most customers opt for the wine as it makes the deal much better value. I think it’s still a really good deal, and if they did apply the price hike because of the extra wine duty, it was pretty decent to wait till now instead of doing it right after Xmas.

  6. Sorry, but didn’t it used to include a starter? Doesn’t make it such a good deal without that surely! I wouldn’t have minded the price rise too much if it had a starter.

  7. Nope, the 12.50 deal didn’t include a starter, but sometimes the 20euro deal (Valentine’s, Mothers Day, special occasions) did include a starter and usually a box of chocs as well as fancier options.

  8. In that case it should be cheaper for the non alcoholic option.

  9. Tesco’s deal, which is nowhere as nice as M&S’s, is 12.50€. One extra euro to get M&S quality is still good value

  10. I agree Nanazolie; the M&S option always contains something fresh that you can cook yourself and generally has healthier options than that the Tesco one.

  11. Guys. The UK is renowned for its bland food. So why buy it? Why not buy Irish food. There’s shag all here