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  1. Sounds amazing. Is the fish sustainable? I know that it’s most unlikely to be sure any fish is completely sustainable but I like to ask as there seems to be plenty of emphasis on traceability and quality of meat in restaurants but not on fish. And I just get the guilty pangs so can’t bring myself to eat it. 🙁 I miss sushi

  2. Why cross the road from Yamamori to Yamamori Izakaya? Is it that different? On my “to try” list…

  3. Totally different – much smaller portions and different types of food in the Yamamori izakaya. I wouldn’t be that bothered with the main Yamamori anymore – though they do have a good lunch offer (I think it’s only in the Ormond Quay branch (

  4. The original Yamamori on George’s St doesn’t seem to do the €10 salad, smoothie, side deal that you get in Ormond Quay, but they do have an excellent lunch bento for €10

  5. Damn you – why did you have to tell everyone!!!

    Their calamari is the best in town and the cocktails are yum! The spicy Asian in particular is gorgeous, and the Hitachino Nest beers – great spot…