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€20 Lunch at One Pico

Conor Pope mentions One Pico in Pricewatch today, and coincidentally my friend Ruth also mailed to tell us how great their lunch offer is:

Really top quality food at not much more than the cost of an overpriced panini and latte. Crab risotto to start and a slow roasted pork belly to follow with all the attention to detail you’d expect in a restaurant of this type, and a fancy pants dessert. And for 20 euro! One of my favourite desserts there is the coffee (whatever kind you want) and chocolates, you get about 6 handmade chocolates, one’s a frozen raspberry wrapped in sorbet, wrapped in chocolate.

They’ve been doing it for a few months now and say if they’re two thirds full or more, they can keep doing it. So please go and try it out. But book in advance, word is getting out.

That frozen raspberry will appear in my dreams, I think.

One Pico also owns the restaurant Bleu on Dawson Street, and another friend, Paul, recommends their dinner offer:

€18 for 2 course dinner at Bleu, Dawson Street. Had dinner there during the week and all was great. Try, Try, Try.


  1. Hi there

    I just saw this and went on the one pico site, and immediately called to book lunch for 2 on sat the 14th (day of love and all that) … the site says €19.95, 3 courses mon to sat ! HOWEVER the guy on the phone said its only mon to friday and its now €29.95 on sat .. which is still a good deal but I hate false advertising! I booked it anyway but I will have a think about it and might cancel.

  2. Hi SJ – just looked at their website, and they do say that the offer doesn’t apply on special occasions, I’m wondering if that’s what he meant? If they’ve changed the deal, the website should reflect that of course, and it still says that it runs on Saturdays.