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On offer at SuperValu

sv-special-offers-02-02-09You’ll find some half-price offers on pork steak, lamb loin chops, ham fillets, round roast of beef, and chicken fillets at SuperValu. There’s also half-price Persil washing powders and Inversoft Eco-kind toilet roll, while buying a six-pack of 7Up or 7Up Free will get you another one free.

Offers are valid until Saturday February 7, “subject to availability while stocks last.”

I haven’t tried SuperValu’s meat – is it any good?


  1. I find SuperValu’s meat very good – much better than Tesco’s!

  2. bar superquinn it is the best of the supermarkets

  3. but its very expensive in superquinn, except at the end of the day when you can buy lots of half price good quality meat and bung it in the freezer.. Anyone got tips on buying cheap good quality meat – none of those chicken fillets pumped up with water!!