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Dunnes starts its own Dinner for Two

Dunnes StoresThe Marks & Spencer Dinner for Two for €12.50 offer has proven to be really popular – any time I’ve gone in to check it out, the stores have been really busy, and our readers confirm that they really like it.  Now another supermarket has got in on the action, offering a very similar deal for a slightly lower price.  Our reader Naomi tipped us off that Dunnes are now doing Dinner for Two for €10:

I bought two striploin steaks with sauce, a bag of baby potatoes, a tiramisu and a bottle of wine for only €10! The regular price of this collection was over €20!

They also had salmon darnes and chicken breasts with bacon and cheese topping in the same offer.

So will you be going to Dunnes to check this out?  Do you think the Dunnes ready meals, meat and desserts match up to the M&S ones?


  1. That dinner for two for €10 sounds like really good value. Is it available everyday? Pity they don’t do real potatoes instead of little tasteless things.

  2. There is no comparison between M&s products and Dunne stores products

    Out of 10 M&S score 8 for quality( Little room for improvement)

    Out of 10 dunne Stores score 4 for quality