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Restaurant business down 10%

restaurant-wineThe Irish Times reported last week that the Restaurant Association of Ireland is claiming that business in restaurants is down 10%, and that diners are spending 20% less when they eat out.  Ireland is apparently the most expensive place in Europe to run a restaurant, with high staffing costs, excise duty and VAT.  I certainly believe this, but still think that restaurants aren’t doing enough to meet people halfway on price.  While there are lots of good deals out there, the vast majority of them are quite restricted and only available at awkward times.  I really don’t think they even need to do anything too radical: just a plat du jour with a glass of wine for a reasonable round figure (€15, €20, whatever) would be very attractive.  The will to eat out is still there: I’ve seen lots of busy restaurants recently.

What do you think? And do you know any restaurants that are doing enough?

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  1. It seems that restaurants that didn’t rip us off when times were good may well have built up enough good will from the public to survive in the recession – we were brazen enough to attempt to go to Yamamori on the quays on a Thursday night recently and got a very strange look from the host when we admitted we didn’t have a reservation however we were accomodated, had a tasty, reasonably priced meal and the place was heaving!