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Wagamama Offer with Pigsback

wagamama-logoThanks to our reader Anne-Marie who let us know about this offer: members can get a two for one voucher for Wagamama.

I think Wagamama’s standard menu is a little overpriced, but in fairness to them, they do have lots of good and frequent offers.

I don’t use myself for a number of reasons, mostly because I already have about 200,000 online accounts that need managing.  Do any of you use Pigsback? Is it worth the maintenance and acquiring of ‘Piggy points’, and most importantly, do they have good deals on food?


  1. Get a pigsback visa card. Everytime you use it, you get piggy points. I accrue over €100 worth of points every year which I spend on Waga Mama vouchers.

  2. Where is it? I’ve tried the URL but it says the offer you requested cannot be found. If I search I only get the 10e Wagamama vouchers which can be bought there.

  3. kon – that sounds like a great idea. what bank is that with ?