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  1. have to say I agree. i love fish burgers too but was really disappointed when I tried the Finn McCool. Tiny little cheap fish fingers and wasn’t mad about the toppings. It is a pity, because I love the rest of the food, and the interior is fab too.

  2. In fairness to Bobo’s- and I wouldn’t usually go to such lengths to qualify a review – I should emphasise that I’ve had a really nice beef burger (hamburger?) there. Loved the chips too. Although I’m still not totally sold on the whole Gourmet Burger idea, Bobo’s is well worth a visit.
    We’ll do a more comprehensive review of their burgers at some stage over the summer. Just avoid the miserable fish!

  3. Having never had the fish burger Bobo’s I can’t comment on it (though I do like the beef burgers and chips quite a lot). Having moved to Dublin from Austin, Texas, though, I can say that I really miss fish tacos. If you’ve never had a piece of grilled white fish with a squirt of lime juice and pico de gallo on a warm soft corn tortilla you haven’t lived. Or fried fish with cilantro-cabbage slaw on a soft corn tortilla. Heaven!

  4. Argh! Tacos and nachos, the second worst food in the world. What’s the matter with the world: why can no one else see how hideous these creations are?

  5. Peter, you’re such a mental. Tacos and nachos are extremely similar to crisps, which I’m sure I’ve seen you eat.

    And the gentleman above is taking about a soft corn tortilla, and he makes it sound DELICIOUS.

  6. I stand by my statement, even if my blind taco-based fury caused me to misread Bill’s statement. Crisps should not be mentioned in the same breath as nachos. Nachos are not lovely. Rather, they taste taste like a mixture of worm meal, blood, and the burning sulphurs of hell.

  7. Jo’Burgers rathmines & blackrock have savage fish burgers on daily with grilled fish fillets, yumm