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McDonald’s still on top in recession

mcdonalds-logoMcDonald’s is one of the few food retailers bucking the global downturn, with a reported 4.3% rise in sales in the month of July alone, according to the New York Post.  Their success is apparently down to their McCafes – I’m sure many of you will have already noticed that these McCafes are fairly prominently displayed in their outlets over here.

There’s a reason why McDonald’s is a global behemoth: they are excellent at responding to consumer trends.  When Super Size Me came out, McDonalds stopped encouraging customers to order a larger meal, and added more salads and ‘healthy’ options to their menus.  Over the last few years, they’ve added cafes to capitalise on coffee culture (although their coffee stinks). And now that we’re all stony broke, they’re emphasising the cheapness of their food with their euro menu.

I rarely eat in McDonald’s: not because I’m a fancy epicure or anything, but because fast food places so often serve up complete muck, and fail to live up to the guilty pleasure expectation that we have of them.  What do you think? Do you find yourself frequenting McDonald’s more these days?


  1. I have McDonalds once a year, on the way home from the electric picnic for some reason.

    In the states, McDonalds was voted best coffee in 2007 in a consumer survey. Its coffee sales that have really helped McDs profits. I personally cant understand it; the coffee is indeed vile.

  2. I disagree. McDonald’s food may be shite but their coffee is not bad. Plus they buy it all fairtrade. My ma drinks bucket loads of coffee, and has done for years. She’ll drink anything from Oro to the finest Italian Palombini 100% Arabica. She has always loved McDonald’s the best.

  3. I wouldn’t eat at McD, but had food and coffee once at the McCafe while accompanying the kids. The coffee wasn’t the best ever, but it was quite good, and they panini was honest

  4. How can a panini be honest?

  5. it was what it said it would be….. Just that. No pretentious sundried this or pesto mayonnaise that

  6. Paninis, oooh I cant stand them. I use one everyday in the shower though, but I call it a loofah.

  7. Snackbox – all McDonald’s coffee is not Fairtrade. It’s Rainforest Alliance, two very different things.

  8. McDonalds for me depends on the cooks and managers. I find McD in Tralee, Killarney, Patrick St, in limerick and Cork the best. Coffee is not bad Americano can be good and bad but needs brown sugar not white. Lattes are terrible, cappuccinos are ok. Burgers are good. 100% far better than burgers you get at Abrakebabra Tralee. Fries are ok. Chicken nuggets awful.