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  1. Ah, In n Out Burger. Don’t remind this Californian! One of the few things I miss about the States.

  2. Alisha: Green Burrito!
    I thought the chips were surprisingly good in Chick King, personally. Not just that McDonnalds crap.

  3. I second ANkh on the chips. They are surprisingly chunky and crispy. V tasty.

  4. Chick King – derived from a Waterford based chicken takeaway which was bought by Abrakebabra. For my money, this takeaway was always one of the best for fried chicken. Even when the Colonel came to town, he didn’t manage to outshine this place.

    Chicken Fillet burger with cheese, mmm…

  5. Been to their store in Newbridge.

    Chicken 10/10
    Chips …mmmmmm!
    Gravy 1000/10 …my favourite!!
    This chicken chain will be hard to beat!!!!!!yum!

  6. It was a big portion of shite compared to Chicken Hut fried chicken. Chips where cold and soggy, chicken dry, like it was cooked a day or two before. Never going back again. And it’s closing down now. Wonder why……