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Nobody Calls Me Chick King, Except Maybe the Colonel…

Chick King

Chick King

By Snack Box

Not one to shy away from a new challenge, Snack Box made his way to South Anne St to visit Chick King, a new franchise chain of royal poultry manufacturers, owned by the Abrakebabra group.

Whether it’s high calibre or not, you always have to hand it to any restaurant or takeaway which deals solely in one area of expertise. Like the burgers and fries from the famous In’n’Out Burger joints of California,  or the fish’n’chips of  Leo Burdocks Christchurch before it got sexy and started opening all over the city, places that do one thing and one thing only means they know what they’re good at and have no other illusions of grandeur. Chick King does chicken.  Pretty well actually.

I walked up to the counter and asked for a breast and a thigh. The dude informed me that there were no more thighs left but I could have some ribs instead. Chicken Ribs. Am I an idiot in thinking chickens don’t have ribs? The man assured me that they do (I gave up biology after the junior cert).

So I went for a breast and the ribs. I had to wait 5 minutes as both were being cooked to order, another good sign. When I returned to pay the dude had given me free chips to go with my chicken, all of which cost just under €4. I’m not promising you’ll get free chips but if you’ve breasts like mine, who knows.

Now, its no Chicken Hut (Fresh ‘n’ Halal ring a bell?) but they do make a southern fried chicken that’s spicier than most, which is always welcome. The chicken was a nice colour and it was good value. Chicken ribs were not processed ribs. They were a section of the bird I’ve never seen before but I shall leave it to the good readers of CheapEats to spill the beans on chicken’s ribs.

At the moment Chick King have all manner of meal deals and they look set to start opening everywhere and anywhere chickens aren’t worshipped.

  • Every Tuesday: Buy one two-piece meal and get one free


  1. Ah, In n Out Burger. Don’t remind this Californian! One of the few things I miss about the States.

  2. Alisha: Green Burrito!
    I thought the chips were surprisingly good in Chick King, personally. Not just that McDonnalds crap.

  3. I second ANkh on the chips. They are surprisingly chunky and crispy. V tasty.

  4. Chick King – derived from a Waterford based chicken takeaway which was bought by Abrakebabra. For my money, this takeaway was always one of the best for fried chicken. Even when the Colonel came to town, he didn’t manage to outshine this place.

    Chicken Fillet burger with cheese, mmm…

  5. Been to their store in Newbridge.

    Chicken 10/10
    Chips …mmmmmm!
    Gravy 1000/10 …my favourite!!
    This chicken chain will be hard to beat!!!!!!yum!

  6. It was a big portion of shite compared to Chicken Hut fried chicken. Chips where cold and soggy, chicken dry, like it was cooked a day or two before. Never going back again. And it’s closing down now. Wonder why……