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No More Palette Panic

The Enomatic System at Eno Wines

The Enomatic System at Eno Wines

Jacqueline Strawbridge has just joined the team. She is currently deputy editor of Love Food with the Irish Independent, with articles published in the Irish Times and the Evening Herald Wedding Guide. She loves good food, and is probably happiest when she’s cooking – she’ll be sharing some of her culinary secrets and foodie adventures with cheapeats readers. Hurrah!

I had a sneaky preview of the menu at Eno Wines last week, all very hush-hush and exciting, preceded by a brilliant wine-tasting at their shop in the IFSC. It wasn’t a scary affair, where you have to nod knowledgably at some earnest oenophile soliloquizing about grapes, but a really relaxed tasting using the Enomatic Wine Serving System.

You can buy a wine card for €10 or €20, and once you’ve been shown how to work the system (super-simple: stick your card in above the wine you want to try, and you’ll see how much each taster costs). A divine little taster of 25ml is duly served, and instead of being restricted to trying the usual three or four bottles, you can try up to 60! A great way to educate your palette, and you’ll get all adventurous and try wines you normally wouldn’t go near. You can be loud and proud and buy a wine simply because you like it, not because someone told you to buy it.

Upstairs, I tried the French Onion Soup which was quite faintworthy in its tastiness. The rump of lamb I had afterwards was perfectly cooked and tender, but there was far too much of it! (Not a complaint of course, for those with larger stomachs). Prices are reasonable – you’re looking at an average of €17 per main course, and €8 for a starter. Definitely worth a look…see

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