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Thanksgiving in Dublin

thanksgiving-pumpkinsIt’s Thanksgiving tomorrow: the American national day of celebration which, like all the best holidays, is centered around a big delicious meal.  Thanksgiving food is absolutely incredible:  it’s a bit like Christmas dinner in that it has turkey as the centrepiece, and features potatoes and stuffing, but it also uses lots of exotic (to us) ingredients like maple syrup, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

I’ve been searching online to find restaurants that serve Thanksgiving dinner in Dublin, and there’s suprisingly little out there.  Beaufield Mews in Stillorgan does a four course Thanksgiving menu for €30, and the price includes a complimentary cup of egg nog.  I’ve never eaten in Beaufield Mews, does anyone have any feedback?

The only other definite option I could find was in the Dublin Hilton on the Grand Canal, which is serving Thanksgiving Dinner from Thurs – Sat this week.  The buffet is €29.50 per person, children aged 3-15 are half price, and children under three are free of charge.  The menu does look incredibly good, it has to be said – you can view it on a PDF here.

If you decide to cook Thanksgiving dinner yourself, there are a million billion delicious recipes available on the internet, with the cost-conscious site Recession Recipes being particularly useful.

Do you have any Thanksgiving tips?


Thanks to Joanne for this one: La Cuvee in the IFSC are doing Thanksgiving Dinner for €22. Their menu is a bit underwhelming though: Pumpkin Soup, Turkey & Ham with Cranberry Sauce, and Apple Pie.  Where are the sweet potatoes and cornbread and other things that you can’t just have here any day of the week?


  1. I think La Cuvee near the IFSC are doing some Thanksgiving specials.

  2. The Four Seasons have a thanksgiving lunch and dinner from Thurs – Sun.

    Probably expensive though 🙁

  3. Yes indeed Rachel, you are correct – they have a spectacularly fancy menu, with no price listed (gulp!):

  4. The Hilton’s menu isn’t near enough food. Should be way more sides.

  5. I’m making a big pan of cornbread dressing and some pumpkin bread for a Thanksgiving meal with friends. I’m from the Alabama, so dressing is a must. Corn meal is a staple we request of visitors, along with Jif peanut butter.

  6. Beaufield Mews do lovely food, and are very good value. I’d recommend them!

  7. Anybody know anyplace in cork doing thanksgiving? Seems like there’s nobody (except last Sunday the cornstone did it, but that is useless to me, not having a time machine).

  8. Does the Dublin Hilton buffet mean that you can have a bit of everything on offer or is it like a set 3-course menu?

  9. The Hilton Dublin Buffet menu means you can have a bit of everything. I think it would be worthwhile to reserve a table though!