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Special Offers at Dunnes

dunnes-storesNo chocolates, wine, or red roses? I guess that, when it comes to Valentine’s, Dunnes are as curmudgeonly as me. Special offers this week include:

    • Flora Buttery Spread (500g) – €2.06, buy one get one free
    • Oral B Professional care 6000 Power toothbrush – reduced from €54.99 to €27.49
    • Fresh Irish minced beef (800g) – €2.85

The offer expiry dates vary. Click here to see them all.


  1. I find Dunnes mince has quite a bit of fat in it. What are other peoples’ opinions on this?

  2. I dunno, a tub of margarine a toothbrush and a pound of mince sounds like a perfect Valentines to me!

    I buy the 95% lean mince and dont think its fatty at all.

  3. No, the 95% lean mince is obviously not fatty. It is also double the price. I think he is referring to standard mince. I agree, it is quite fatty, but if you use olive oil instead of cooking oil, that is a good thing.

  4. You get what you pay for then.