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Lunch in IKEA

Mmmmm Dime cake

Mmmmm Dime cake

A friend of mine took me and my hangover out to IKEA on a Saturday afternoon in December to buy some stuff for Christmas presents. We were worried it might be a foolhardy expedition, but it was surprisingly un-hectic, and something about the clean lines and colourful patterns of IKEA’s products soothed my poor addled head. And of course we had lunch in their canteen.  I’ve eaten in IKEA canteens a couple of times before, and once again it was tasty and excellent value.

I got their baked salmon lunch: it was a small fillet with dill sauce, and came with some really excellent potato rostis.  It was €5.90, and there were all kinds of add-on offers, to trick you into spending even more money.  But they’re genuinely good value so I can’t really complain. It was only an extra euro to add on a side salad, and I got a bowl of very fresh salad vegetables.  We shared a slice of Dime cake, which was also a euro with a main course (normally about €2).  The Dime cake was just as tasty as you might imagine.  All in, I got a big tray of mostly wholesome food (Dime cake being the exception) for about €8.  They were accommodating to my friend who wanted their ratatouille with pasta without pasta and with a baked potato instead.

I’m not sure if I’d recommend negotiating the horrible, badly-signposted route to IKEA just for lunch, but if you’re out there anyway stocking up on spatulas and bed linen and collapsible shoe trees or whatever, you can have a very pleasant lunch indeed.  Their Swedish meatballs are always a good bet.  It’s also well worth checking out their food hall, there’s an excellent array of Swedish food, including frozen fish, potato rostis, delicious ginger biscuits, sweets, interesting cheeses, jams and much more.


  1. What’s dime cake? Dime bar?

  2. Yep, made from Dime bars. Delicious, delicious Dime bars.

  3. I was out there recently and was also impressed with the food and value for money, the post is here (last paragraph)

  4. Dime bars, dime bars… All I remember is some vaguely annoying ad, I’m not sure I ever one. Hard chewy butterscotch toffee surrounded by chocolate, was it?

  5. funny Jean, I think I had the same lunch as you – it seemed the least processed. We had two kids meals too – 1.95 and the husband had meatballs. A couple of fizzies at a euro each (generic brand) all in all a positive experience – as for not going there just for lunch, I’d almost just go there for their ice-creams at the tills…at 50c a cone, even when you add on the toll for us Southsiders, it’s better value than going to your local shop and a (reasonable) good day out!!

  6. I find the food at Ikea very good value. Sadly, they don’t sell salted liquorice in the shop anymore (I know, it’s weird…. But I loved it!!!)

  7. The fame of their Swedish meatballs is baffling. They are, to be very charitable, unappetising.

    I will confess to a definite weakness for the 2 euro hotdog meal offered after the tills. Oh the shame of it, I would, in fact, make up an ostensible reason for going to IKEA just to scarff one, or maybe even two, of the hotdos meals.