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The best pancake offers?

mini-pancakesI’m determined to eat pancakes all day, or until I explode, whichever comes first.

This week, you’ll find specials on pancakes in Dunnes, Lidl, SuperValu, Tesco, and Superquinn. SQ are selling five pancakes, freshly made in-store, for €2.99. But a big part of the fun is heading out to breakfast or lunch; I wonder if Superquinn will let us have them with a coffee in their Cafe Refresh?

I’ll probably head to creperie Lemon or Fafie’s creperie for lunch, although I expect it will be packed. If you find any other cafes or restaurants serving pancakes anywhere in Ireland – or are hosting a Pancake Party for the National Children’s Hospital – please let us know!

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  1. Here’s a POOR one: one of the cafes at the top of South William St is advertising pancakes and maple syrup for €5.95.