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Special buys at Lidl

pizza2I never buy pizzas from the supermarket, but last week sampled Lidl’s Trattoria Alfredo, which you’ll find in the frozen section. This is an excellent pizza: a thin and crispy base, sweet tomato sauce, and quality toppings. I threw on some sliced rashers that would otherwise have been thrown out.

Best of all, the Trattoria pizza is only €3.59 for two pizzas: serve one of them on a lazy evening with a small salad and easily you’ll feed two people. Delicious. What’s your favourite supermarket pizza?

Lidl LogoFood Offers

Current food offers at Lidl include:

  • Mixed grapes (500g) – reduced from €2.99 to €1.79
  • Finish All in One Powerball tabs (30s) – reduced from €8.49 to €5.49
  • Breaded chicken breasts mini fillets – reduced from €4.99 to €2.99

New set of food offers every Monday at Lidl. Click here for details.

Also at Lidl, there’s special offers on four items this Saturday, including cheese and lambsteaks. Click here for details.

Special buys

Special buys this Thursday at Lidl include garden and kitchen equipment, as well as growing kits:

  • Fence and garden varnish – €9.99
  • Digital meat thermometer – €8.99
  • Mushroom eco-grow kit – €8.99

Click here for details.

Special buys next Monday include:

  • Sewing kit – €4.99
  • Heart rate monitor – €21.99

Click here for details.


  1. agree on the Lidl pizza – its one of the best frozen pizzas available and is also one of the cheapest. Its a bit light on toppings but you can always add more yourself.

  2. Yep, we get either the Lidl one with spinach and courgette I think it is, or just their plain one, think it’s something like 3 for 3.50 when on special – can’t go wrong!!

  3. one of the best pizzas iv ever ate in my life trattoria alredo so addicitng best thing in the world keep making them!!

  4. Dr. Oetker pizza ristorante! I love these pizzas. The plain mozzeralla is delish! Best home pizza’s ever. Usually around 3.50 but you find them on offer sometimes. Well worth stocking up.