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Special offers at Superquinn

superquinn-flyer-4a-final-proof-12-1Superquinn’s growing on me more and more. Granted, it’s more expensive than the other supermarkets, but it has excellent special offers and some really good quality food. There’s two branches near where I live, so I occasionally find myself there for treats: stick to the specials and you won’t spend a fortune.

I’m currently enjoying the fresh hot cross buns. A few days ago, I snubbed hot cross buns as old-fashioned, boring, and riddled with cinnamon. But I gave it a try: heat them in the oven and serve them with Superquinn butter and Superquinn’s delicious raspberry jam. Oh. My. God. My housemates were equally impressed, and we quickly devoured the hot cross loaf (€2.99). It’s warm, sweet, sticky, not full of cinnamon, and also available in traditional buns (€2.99 for six). They’re as much a part of Easter for some as chocolate and spring lamb, and are surrounded by folklore. Sharing a hot cross bun with another is supposed to ensure friendship in the coming year, particularly if “half for you and half for me, between us two shall goodwill be” is said at the time.

Sliced hot cross bun with jam... yum

Sliced hot cross bun with jam... yum

The current specials at Superquinn include:

  • Irish breakfast deal – 6 sausages, black or white pudding, and rashers for €4 (save €2.57)
  • Lindt Gold bunny (100g) – 2 for €6 (save €1.58)

Offers are valid until April 6. Click here for details.

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