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  1. Pretty? I’ve seen it. It’s garish.

  2. What a shame! I worked in Temple Bar in 1999 and this was our favorite place for lunch in the office, I have such good memories of it.

  3. I saw a Primtime investigation on this cafe and it’s sister one in Thomas Street a couple of years ago and never went back. The owners exploited a Brazilian worker in an awful manner.

  4. Was attracted by the name, Irie (Jamaican Patois for Cool), and was expecting Caribbean food… sign of it on the menu but the food was good (back in 2008)

  5. What I wouldn’t give for decent Carribean and African restaurants. Why are there none?

  6. If you’re a fan of Cafe Irie in Temple Bar, then check out our blog that we wrote about it:

  7. Barry, I’m very clearly not a fan of Cafe Irie. Perhaps you didn’t read the review, or perhaps you’re aiming the comment at people who DO like this place?