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Another tale of good customer service… at Centra

centra_logoWe have regular whinges about bad customer service here at CheapEats, so it’s always nice when we can point out the good.

Last week, I spent four successive days swearing that I wouldn’t be hungover again until September (I was marking the end of summer). With so much alcohol residue coursing through my veins, the cravings kicked in; I stumbled up to Centra in Sandyford (south Dublin) for a can of Coke. Or three.

I’ve always found Centra the most tolerable of all the convenience stores. Their deli is reasonably high quality, they often have offers to match those of the main supermarkets, and it’s usually clean and well laid out. Their staff are, for some peculiar reason, friendlier than in other local shops.

So there I was at the till with my three cans of Coke, costing just under €3 altogether. The shop assistant then very kindly pointed out to me that there was a special offer on Coke that day – six cans for €3, if I was interested. No gain for the shop assistant, no manager nearby, and no extra money for Centra – but I got three cans of Coke for free. Score! I gave them to my friends and they thought I was great. Thanks, Centra man.

Readers, can you share a tale of an unnecessary act of kindness or good customer service  from a shop assistant?


  1. I just love when that happens…I used to work in a shop and did this whenever I could… still waiting for the good karma to come back my way…

  2. theres a little shop by the two sisters pub in terenure and its similar to a centra. they always point out the best value to you for their special offers.

  3. what you said about centra is so so true 🙂

  4. In the restaurant where I work, there’s a deal on where if you buy a burger, you can make it a meal with chips and a LARGE drink for an additional €4. If a customer instead gets chips and a REGULAR drink (which isn’t the meal deal), it costs an additional €6. So if they got a large drink, they’d get more drink and save €2. Whenever I try to point this out, the customers snap at me and tell me no they don’t want it and then mumble on about stupid waitresses trying to up-sell everything, and some of them get very rude. It’s very upsetting, so for the most part, I don’t say it any more for fear of getting my head bitten off. Sad, but true.