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  1. I think that’s fair enough – I’d draw a distinction between ordering and receiving a meal which it turns out you don’t particularly enjoy (as here), and receiving a meal which is not what you ordered (whether by under/overcooking, lacking ingredients, etc.). It sounds like a genuine place, and that they tried something and it didn’t come off. I would never fault a kitchen for that.

  2. Aidan, indeed, but then there can be a lack of judgment from the chef too. Choosing ingredients that don’t work together, or textures, for instance (although polenta usually works very well with rabbit). It’s important that the chef tries the dish many times before they put it on the menu. And this should be tasted by other members of the staff too. It’s a bit like trying a very complex or fussy recipe when receiving your in laws for the first time

  3. [deleted for trolling]

  4. Noel, as I said, I’d happily give this place another chance. We welcome constructive criticism but don’t welcome offensive personal attacks.
    Feel free to disagree, but don’t presume to know me. I’m not going to rise to this any further.

  5. Ah Noel, I think there may be something Freudian about this particular comment:

    “I feel strongly Noel that you are quite the begrudging bitter type…unless Noel is smothered with recognition and free champagne.”


    Peter, Jean – I think the 8 bitter comments may be the online equivalent of pulling your hair and knocking you down in the playground. 🙂

  6. I like Bock the Robber’s comments policy. There is no unqualified right to free speech. Pay for and host your own blog, or treat people with basic respect and courtesy:

    I particularly like this:
    “You know what’s great about paying for your own site? It’s this: you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. If I don’t want stupid, miserable, depressing, annoying bastards leaving comments on my site, I just ban them.

    Isn’t that great? God, I love oppressing idiots.”

    Same policy applies here.

  7. Fantastic! Round of applause for Peter 😀 Who needs that crap, all I want is some food.