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Product review: Superquinn Essentials

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  1. Did you try their cheese, what was that like?

  2. Unsurprisingly bland. Grand for a toastie, or for kids who don’t truly appreciate cheese.

  3. A lot of own brand products are actually big brands just in different packaging. I know that the Spar jam is actually Chivers jam. I think for the most part staples such as pasta, tinned toms etc are going to be perfectly fine. But I do have a horrible image of that chicken!

  4. I love the value ranges! Especially for tinned goods – I actually think the value is most noticable for things like chickpeas, off the top of my head I think tesco value chickpeas are about 59 cent or so, whereas a lot of other tinned chickpeas are presented at premium health-food prices!

    Obviously, it would still be cheaper to soak your own, but truth be told I’m just not organised enough!

  5. Ive said it before and Ill say it again Lydia, check the manufacturers code. If its the same, then the product came from the same factory.

  6. bought a few of the Essentials range recently – pasta, yoghurts, milk etc – all fine and definitely a useful addition to Superquinn whose main problem previously has been lack of own-brand products.

    I generally wouldn’t touch tesco “Value” meat or ready-meals as they’re likely to be loaded with water or salt respectively.

    Also (and it probably shouldn’t matter but it does) the “Value” range is packaged as unattractively as possible, presumably to distinguish it from the regular Tesco brands and the Finest stuff – IMO Tesco don’t really want people to buy “Value”, its mainly there to make people feel better about buying the regular own-brand stuff. The “Essentials” range is quite attractively packaged in comparison.

  7. I dont know about T*sco but the saturated fat content of “value” mince is enough to get me skipping an extra bottle of wine in the week to buy the higher quality stuff.

  8. Liam, definitely agree about the Essentials packaging – much much more appealing

  9. I agree with Claire on her last point. And the same goes for cheap cakes and cheap breads. They are cheap because they contain more craps to bulk them up. I would rather buy the value flour, value butter and value fruits (but value eggs are a no no, they go hand in hand with the chicken) and bake a value cake that taste of a nice cake and doesn’t have hydrogenated fat, or added E-younameit.
    And sometimes, you get what you pay for and cheap is not always good value. For instance, cheap kitchen rolls are half the price, but you need to use twice as much to soak a spill, so where is the value in that?

  10. I too got to try their range for the blog and admit before I write that I am a fan of Superquinn – I’ve always liked their breads that they make and cook in store and how clean their stores are but they haven’t had a good “value” offering to date. Peter, I think I am the person they are targeting their bottled water at as I’m a sparkling water addict ;0) and it’s only 49 cent for a large bottle of sparkling water. That’s ridiculously good value when you consider Ballygowan is nearly three times as expensive and in a blind taste test, I reckon you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. Their pasta at 49 cent a bag is cheap too – with the exception of fresh pasta there is no reason to pay a premium for branded pasta. Claire is completely right about own label manufacturers – I used to work for a big branded pasta company and the Italian factory that made the branded pasta, used the same recipe/machines/line to produce own label. I can’t stand the meat or fish from Tesco – it’s always slimy from my local branch and even though it’s closer than Superquinn I just refuse to shop there. I admit I haven’t tried everything but I do now buy from the range as it allows me avoid doing a second shop in a say Lidl when dragging two kids along to a second supermarket after a long week, is just a step too far.