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Big, cheap, delicious dinner in the Hop House

Max Beer

Max Beer, to scale

I was out for dinner with loads of colleagues last night, to wave off my lovely friend Elisa who is going to Ethiopia.  Fifteen of us went to the Hop House on Parnell St for Korean food and beer.  We’ve reviewed the Hop House a number of times here, so I’m not going to go into a whole lot of detail about it – I just wanted to say once more that the Hop House is one of the best cheap eats in Dublin.

They generously agreed to let us order from the lunch menu at our 6pm booking, which meant our dishes were all around the €9 mark.  There was general happiness around the table at the spicy, interesting, flavoursome main courses.  We had many comically huge bottles of Korean ‘Max’ beer at €9 each, and our meal and drinks came to an outstandingly reasonable €16 a head including tip.

The Hop House is a great destination for a group meal.  Beware of the Max beer however – everyone in the office this morning reported insomnia and strange dreams.

The Hop House is at 160 Parnell St in Dublin city centre.


  1. You’re right, the Hop House is great. I might revisit it this weekend.

  2. i am going to go there this sat .. bringing some friends .. after your review!
    can’t wait 🙂

  3. +1 on Hop House…Been going there for about 2 years and consistently good food, but best meal ever was at the wedding breakfast of a friend who has just married a lovely South Korean woman. In a brilliant wheeze, they opted to have reception meal at Hop House. Fab food and nice, relaxed atmosphere… Great day, great venue…

  4. the hop house was impressive on sat night. really cosy inside, great food, good service and the bill was tiny!! I’ll def go back and try more of the dishes .. nicest sushi i’ve had in a long time and possibly ever in ireland to be honest. thanks for the tip off on this place.