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Irish delights at M&S

Summer is a lovely time for Irish food bloggers, with various festivals and events giving us a chance to try out some of the best fare on offer.

One of the highlights is the Marks and Spencer barbeque, popular with liggers, which showcases a selection of summer foods. Jean and I headed along a few weeks ago. As usual, the food was delicious and I made a holy show cow of myself by eating about five steaks. I’d just come back from India, I hadn’t eaten meat in weeks, and various other delicious excuses.

M&S uses this annual event to highlight their Irish suppliers. I know that a lot of our readers want to support Irish producers where possible, so I’ve compiled a list of some of the lovely Irish food you can get in M&S, if you’re so inclined to shop there:

  • From the BBQ grill, Linden Foods, Finnebrogue and Moy park provided some delicious marinated beef, pork, chicken and sausages.
  • Linden Foods have also launched some new BBQ meats in M&S including Hot & Spicy Sirloin and Rump Steak with BBQ Glaze and Lamb and Rump Steak Kebabs.
  • My Monaghan brother-in-law and other friends, who I think only eat mushroom and ducks, and whose families all work or own mushroom farms, will be delighted: mushrooms were grilled on the spot by a key Irish supplier for M&S, Monaghan Mushrooms. I respect the edible fungus but keep my distance; other guests said they were delicious (which, despite my protestations, apparently is possible for a mushroom).
  • Salads were provided by Avondale which included a range of coleslaws and hot salads. Breads were provided by Premier Bakery.
  • A cocktail bar was in operation using fresh fruit from Keelings including the new Jubilee Strawberry, an incredibly juicy fruit with the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, and which is only stocked in M&S Stores.
  • Sushi was prepared on the night by an authentic sushi chef using fresh Irish smoked salmon from Dunn’s.
  • One more surprise addition: a chocolate fountain provided by Lir Chocolate, who apparently provide M&S with their own-brand chocolate in Ireland.

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